Monday, 12 August 2013

Everything is connected

When I decided to start on this path of my image it was specifically focused on my career.  I know where I want to go with my career and I knew I had to 'look' the part.  I knew the women in the positions that I want to be in looked very good and knew how to carry themselves. I also knew that they probably didn't get there on their own.  From listening to very powerful women speak they never did it alone.  They had a 'team' behind them. This team was usually a mixture of family, friends and professionals.  Without this balance I don't think anyone can be successful in their life let alone career. 

I knew that I had no fashion sense and didn't really care to have one either. I met Katherine at a workshop she did when she came into the woman's group at my work. She knew her stuff and made it look really easy.  That was key for me.  I don't like to take an hour to get ready, I'm the type of person that is up and out the door in under 30 mins. If it takes any longer than I'd rather not do it.  Plus I thought i knew what was business clothes....isn't it just the pants shirt and jacket.  Oh how I was so wrong.  I took the first step and called Katherine.  This really changed my life from the knock on effects.

When I first met Katherine I just found her so easy to talk to.  We talked about my goals and what I wanted and it was all very professional goals but I soon learned that this would go into my personal life more than I would have ever imagined. We started out by doing my colours which was really fun and made me realize I was wearing all the wrong colours. Then I had to go through my closet and sort my clothes and look at getting rid of clothes.  This is not easy to do when you are also struggling with your weight and want to get back into some of the clothes someone is telling you to let go of.  Katherine would try to get me to accept me as who I am now and love the body I'm in.  Very hard thing to do, especially when you are wearing the wrong clothes which makes your body look worse.  Our sessions went on to my body type and what I should and should not be wearing. Which doesn't totally mean I cant wear it if like it just means I have to understand what it does to my body when wear it. We would talk about my life and what was going on.  The lemon tree of boys ( yes I promise to start this part of the blog soon ) and everything in between. She became a sounding board and truthfully more than just an 'image consultant'. I do hope there is a friendship after the sessions are done.  We went shopping and she put me in clothes that are good for my body.  At first it was weird, these are not things I'm used to wearing but hell I didn't feel fat in them.  I looked good.  People were telling me I looked good. I felt professional while good about myself and sometimes sexy in it.

During the sessions above I needed to work on my make up.  Another area I was dreading.  During one of the workshops at my work Katherine paired up with Angela to do a Mary  Kay session.  I it my name down to be called but it never happened. I mentioned this to Katherine and she got Angela over to my house.  It was meant to be.  I told Angela that if it takes me longer than 10 mins to do in the mornings won't do it.  If it is to many steps I won't remember. She must of took this to heart because she gave me a diagram to follow which I probably followed for the first couple weeks.  If I didn't have that diagram then I probably would have given up on it. Now I find it easy a few months later.   Angela is a total sweetheart and she invited me to the fearless freedom workshop which triggered my very first blog and got a lot of my baggage out of the closet as per say.  I don't think I can ever thank her enough for bringing me that day.  At this fearless freedom workshop is where I heard about Glow event. 

I got a few of the girls together and we decided to get dressed up and go to this event. It is alway fun to get dressed up.  At this time I knew eventually I'd need to get head shots because my new job kept putting my picture in profiles and I had nothing professional, but me and  pictures did not get a long well.  At this event, Is where I met Sarah and Tobin.  They had a booth up showing off their glamour photography. They were both easy to get along with and had to give Tobin props to being at an event with all women.  They had a special on for a session for 50 dollars, which is very cheap especially when you are not sure you are going to like any picture of you.  Then they had a promotion in the gift bag for a discount. This head shot wasn't going to cost as much as I thought.  I love deals.  So I got it knowing I had a bit of time to use it. 

Did some more shopping with Katherine and starting to accept my body more the way it is even though I want to get healthier it isn't as much about the weight anymore.  I finally booked my session with Sarah and Tobin.  Still nervous about it as I hate cameras and there would be one focused on me. But hey I needed a head shot.  As they knew I only was focused on a headshot ( surprised me they even remembered that ) they said that I could bring someone in for the second half.  I asked if they take pictures of dogs.  They don't normally do that and it worked out that they didn't have an appointment in the afternoon. So they could come take some pictures with my dogs.  The whole experience was amazing.  I felt at ease the whole time I was there.  Sarah did my make up and hair, which I told her Katherine's request to not do it all with straight hair.  We picked out some clothes that I had just bought with Katherine and then it was camera time.  Tobin put you in very awkward positions that made you forget to be self conscience about your body.  While thinking in the back of my head, how the hell is this position going to make me look good.  After the awkward head shots we went and got my dogs.  Tobin seemed to be having fun taking the pictures that it made you forget he was taking picture of you.  We went to the park and had some fun.  As we were leaving a cop stopped us and told us a bear just ran into the park, Sarah was now ready to leave.  Thankfully we were done anyways. 

Later that week I met with Sarah to look at my pictures.  This was hard as I'm horrible on myself and now I had to pick pictures I wanted.  Sarah made it easier and helped you though it.  Some were really easy to say no too.  Then I actually started to like some of the pictures of myself.  This is rare...they actually looked good.  I actually looked good. And for the awkward poses they do work....
This is the chicken pose which was hard to keep but it actually does work.  

I forget this pose but it was it probably wasn't comfortable.  

This journey is far from over but it really shows that you never know what will happen in life.  And if you are introduced to someone, bump into someone, or even take  the leap and ask for help.  You never know who you will meet in that journey.  From the day I called Katherine I have been introduced to some amazing people to help me in 'image'.  Who are helping me in my journey of self acceptance, career growth and everything else.

I can't forget everyone else in my life that has been along side me, but I wanted to highlight this group of people because it was like a domino effect in meeting them.

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